Ostrich is more than 97% lean. Ostrich is even lower in calories, cholesterol and fat than skinless chicken and turkey, while remaining high in iron and protein. Ostrich is recommended as a leading source of protein. You can feel good about eating ostrich without sacrificing the delicious taste of red meat! Ostrich meat is safe. It doesn't carry the pathogen loads as other meat.

Allergic to red meat? Since the Alpha-gal allergy is specific to mammalian meats and products, those that suffer from it can eat ostrich safely since it's a bird. Ostrich meat proteins are significantly easier to digest than beef giving those with Alpha-gal allergy a great option to replace beef and pork.



100% Canadian. Know where your meat is coming from. Ostrich are raised in open fields, they aren't confined to a small spaces. No steroids, hormones or antibiotics used. 


Ostrich is one of your most tender meats. But doesn't lean mean dry and tough? The tenderness of meat is mainly based on the movement of the muscles. Ostrich have a long and strong tendon in its legs that act as a spring when running. This spring-like tendon takes the brunt of the impact and movement of the bird. The rest of the muscles in their body are very stable. Therefore the meat is extremely tender. This is why the meat is most comparable to your nicest cuts of beef. Even your "toughest" cut of ostrich is going to be one of your best cuts of beef.

Ostrich is one of the easiest meats to start with if you are going to venture from your beef, pork or chicken because it doesn't not have that "gamey" taste. 


We are all trying to be more conscious about how we affect our planet. You can feel good about eating ostrich. It leaves a fraction of the environmental footprint of beef, by using 1/3 the fresh water, 1/50 the land, and emitting less than 1/10 the greenhouse gases per pound produced. Ostrich emit virtually no methane.

Our birds are raised on our Ranch and processed within 50km of our Ranch further reducing environmental impacts.

Virtually every part of an ostrich can be used. The meat, feathers, oil, leather, bones for dogs. Nothing goes to waste.