Short and sweet, because we'd much rather talk about the meat!

Both raised in small towns, Frankford, Ontario and Ennismore, Ontario - we met in University. We got married in our last year, and headed straight to South Africa to volunteer for one year. 

It was in South Africa (home to the largest ostrich farms in the world) that we were introduced to ostrich farming. We were fascinated by these large birds! We rode an ostrich, stood on an ostrich egg and ate some ostrich steaks. We came back to Canada and the idea of starting our own ostrich ranch never left our minds. 

Everything about ostrich farming made sense. They have a great immune system, it's the best red meat we've ever had, and you can use all parts of the bird (feathers, oil, leather). It was healthy for us to consume, with little to no impact on the environment. And...they could survive a Canadian winter?! What?! There was no reason for us to not give it a try!

So 13 years later we jumped right in and bought our first ostriches in 2020. 

We are so excited to provide Ontario with the best red meat on the market. We are confident that you will enjoy this tender steak as much as we do.

Ranching is a lifestyle. We love it. It is a joy for us to explain to you about our Ranch and raising these incredible birds. Our Ranch store is set up for you to view our operation and learn along with us. We hope you join us in our journey! Thank you for visiting, supporting and encouraging us along the way. 

Caleb and Brittany DenOuden