Short and sweet, because we'd much rather talk about the meat!
- both raised in small towns, Frankford, Ontario and Ennismore, Ontario 
- we met in University, got married and headed to South Africa to volunteer
- it was in South Africa where we were introduced to some of the largest ostrich ranches in the world. So we visited some ranches, we ate some ostrich steaks, rode an ostrich and in no time we fell in love with these quirky birds.
- we came back to Prince Edward County, Ontario to settle
-10 years later and 3 children later, we bought our first ostriches!
-we are so excited to sell you the best red meat we've ever tasted and we are confident you will love it too!
- our #1 priority is to sell this delicious healthy red meat. But we are also excited to work on new projects using every part of the bird.
- ostriches are incredible creatures and we hope you can enjoy them as much as we do!
Caleb and Brittany DenOuden